Deerbooke Farm Christmas Lot is Permanently Closed.

November, 2019

After 28, wonderful years, we are announcing that Deerbrooke Farm has closed permanently. Steve and Raynell will be enjoying 100% retirement, spending time relaxing in each others company. Krista is raising an amazing son, and has an excellent career in the medical field. Jennifer has moved to Hawaii with her husband and is busy being the best mommy to her two beautiful little ones. Lauren is working harder than ever in Pittsburgh earning her degree in Dance.

Our customers have brought our family so much joy, and memories that will last a lifetime. We appreciate every one of you for supporting our business and for trusting us to provide your families with such a huge part of the holiday season. Thanks to everyone we have served along the way, and may your families receive many blessings!

Welcome to Deerbrooke Farm!
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